Easter Break in Siena

What to do for the long Easter break in Italy? What are you waiting for? Come to Siena!!

Siena Cathedral

Spring is here and the city is coming back to life after the winter period. Probably this is the best time to visit Siena as it is not too hot, not too cold and days are longer. Also contrade wake up from the long winter break. You can already listen the sounds of drums all around the city in the small medieval lanes.

Don’t miss the first contrada in Siena to celebrate, Valdimontone (the ram). The flags and drum parade of Valdimontone will be on Sunday 28th April all around the city. If you also want to join the contrada Patron Saint celebration (which is actually a big party!) come to Servi on Saturday 27 April from 10 p.m. on. If you are looking for the calendar of the full celebration you can find it here. 

Servi Basilique, in Valdimontone (ram) contrada

Tourists start to arrive in the city, but it is sufficient to go beyond the two main streets to be left alone to admire this gothic jewel. Take you time to enjoy it. You can find yourself walking on the same path of all the previous generation that came before you. What they projected, what they built, what they decorated is still intact here.

Admire the marvellous Piazza del Campo.

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Piazza del Campo, Siena

Explore the beautiful Cathedral’s decorated floor.

interior of Siena Cathedral

But, above all, don’t forget to get lost in all the small lanes of the city, the ones far away from the crowd, where you can discover the real soul of Siena with its history and traditions. Look for it in the faces of the people that still leave there. You may hear of the story of when the districts of the city were considered like cities themselves and people didn’t exit their boundaries. So that there were often people living in Siena that had never reached more far away than Piazza del Campo. Or you can hear about the times when there were no televisions or smartphones and the easiest way to know about how Palio race was going, was to run kind of marathon between Piazza and each contrada to spread the voice about the news… you will find these anecdotes and many more in our POLAGUIDE®. Use them to discover Siena: they will bring you in the right places at the right moment!

We suggest you to spend the full Easter break in Siena because it is really worth. There are so many aspects to discover: food, wine, love to the motherland, rivalries with other Tuscan communes, contrada love, love for Palio and everything about it. What can you do to discover all of this during the Easter break in Siena? That’s easy! Opt for a POLATOUR®, self-made tour thought to make you discover every aspect of Siena, not just its history. There are different exploring routes you can choose from, according to your personal taste. For sure you will leave a full experience never tried before.

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We look for welcoming you during Easter break in Siena! See you soon!