POLAROAD® : a New Experience to Try in Siena

Choose POLAROAD® to live a unique experience in Siena

Are you looking for a unique experience to discover Siena and have fun at the same time? Do you want to know which are the unmissable places to visit in Siena? Are you tired of the same old tours? Do you want to discover Siena from a different perspective?

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Mangia Tower, Siena

POLAROAD® is the right choice for you! Starting from the Easter break of 2019 we offer unique interactive experiences to visit Siena. You can discover all Siena secrets, stories and funniest anecdotes.  To discover all possible itineraries of our tours of Siena click here.

Our tours of Siena are not just about historical dates. They tell you more intimate stories that deepen into the routes of one of the oldest commune in Tuscany.  Our guidebooks have been written by 3 Sienese girls that used their knowledge and the one of their families to put together a guide which goes beyond the expected tourist information. You can live a truly local Sienese experience.

Alice, Giulia and Giulia in front of Fontebranda

Our tour of Siena is unique and irreplaceable. You can discover Siena with a POLAKIT® made of: a guidebook (which we call POLAGUIDE®), an instant camera[1] (discover all available camera models and choose the best for you here), a film package and a POLAROAD® backpack where you can store all this material.

POLATOUR ® , Siena

You can read about the secrets of Siena and, at the same time, shoot the panorama that you like the most. The instant photo can be stuck directly on the guidebook that becomes a photo album and the most precious souvenir of your experience in Siena. 


It’s hard to describe in words this unique and unmissable experience in Siena… you have to try it out!!!

Don’t lose any more time. 

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[1] The camera is for rent and shold be returned at the end of the tour.