Polaroids’ Epic Fails

4 Polaroids’ Epic Fails which will make you Regret not Having Used your Smartphone

Instant photography can be a great tool but sometimes it can also play against you making you regret not having used the smartphone to take a picture. Here are 4 polaroids’ epic fails of , not linked with the use of a specific instant camera model.

1.Moving subjects

epic fails polaroid

At the number 1 of the polaroids’ epic fails we have a classic: the un-focus. It is well known that instant photography doesn’t have a high resolution. The shutter speed for an Instax Mini made by Fujifilm (the most used model of instant camera) is 1/60s while for a digital reflex can go up to 1/8000s; this, explained in the most basic way, means that the camera is much slower in taking the picture. We therefore don’t recommend these cameras to take a picture of Usain Bolt during a 100mt competition. Even taking a picture of your pets may be challenging. We suggest you to buy hypnotizing biscuits which could freeze your puppy for the required time (to be safe let’s say 2/3 seconds)!

2. Subject’s unpredictability

epic fails polaroid

Lorenzo the Great during the XV century used to say “we cannot be sure about tomorrow”. This unpredictable future may become particularly hostile when talking about instant photography! This leads us to our second polaroids’ epic fails. Let’s say:

  • you take the first place to have a great view;
  •  you find the perfect subject for your picture: a wonderful horse which is coming towards you;
  •  you take your camera out super-fast to be sure not to lose your subject;
  •  you shoot;
  •  exactly in that moment a big guy appears in front of you ….

Well, this is the result: a mythological creature half-man half-horse which could recall a centaur … and of course many curses!

3. High-distance from the subject at night

epic fails polaroidepic fail polaroid

Wooww Torre del Mangia is so wonderful by night! What a romantic atmosphere! Let’s take a polaroid.. but are you sure it will work? Of course, there is the flash!! … These are the last words pronounce. The picture at the bottom is what we would have like to see in our photo, that one on top is our third polaroids’ epic fails. Flash is there, but it is only useful if the subject is closed to the camera (like 1 or 2 meters not more); everything that stands more far away will not appear in your picture for bright elements (brighter than the sun)! As you can see this problem does not affect taking picture of people at night (if they don’t stand super-far away) but just building and long distance elements.

4. Wrong mode

epic fails polaroid epic fails polaroid

Every type of instant camera has different mode but, technically speaking whatever type you have if you select the wrong mode you are screwed up! Typically you can choose the mode accordingly to the weather: sun, partially cloudy, cloudy, deep dark. If, by mistake, in a bright morning you select the deep dark mode this is what you obtain: you will resemble a celestial creature. On the bottom the same picture taken with the right mode… that’s a lot different!!!

These are the polaroids’ epic fails for today. We will present, later on, some more related to specific models of instant cameras of whom you can find our semiserious reviews here.

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by Giulia Valacchi