Fuji Instax Square SQ6

Review Fuji Instax Square SQ6

Semi-serious Review

Here is our review of the Fuji Instax Square SQ6 made by Fujifilm.

How much of my precious savings should I put into this?: The right amount!

Price can vary from 110 to 140 euro. We bought this white pearl one for 119 euro with strap, batteries and 3 filters (red, orange and green). For the quality of its pictures, which everybody can achieve from top experts to baby photographers and it stylish design the SQ6 is worth every single penny you will put in it!

Will I be able to cope with it?: For sure!

The Fuji Instax Square SQ6 is really super easy to use. It has an auto mode which ensures great pictures, with balanced light and the right focus. In addition, if you click on the button “MODE”, you can decide whether to use it for a macro shoot, for panorama, for double exposure and selfie mode (easy to take with the small mirror next to the lens)! You can turn off the flash and use the self-timer. The design of this camera reminds that of a modern digital one: just turn it on, and shoot! In every occasion it will perform greatly! It’s almost impossible to make a mistake.

Careful with the MACRO mode which tends to decenter the subject, but, in the other hand, puts the subject in focus defocusing the background and giving that touch of expert photographer that everybody likes in the picture.

Will I pick up many people with this?: Sure you will!

This compact design is great! Of course if you are looking for a vintage style which will make you feel a hipster you will not find it here. But, on a different note, it will be impossible to resist to the Fuji Instax Square SQ6 facility to use, her wrinkled touch and the big lens. The look is great! Whatever color you choose (white, grey, rose gold, red, ice) you will make a great first impression.

How many crazy things will I be able to do with it? So many!

With the 3 colored filters for the flash light you can explore all your crazy ideas with a colorful explosion.

Shoot many selfies or put the self-timer mode to include all your family and friends in your photo creations.

With the double exposure you can make unique art pieces playing with the lights.

If you don’t want to take the “usual” photos, you will have all the right instruments!

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To summarize:

Recommended for photographers: beginners those who are just approaching the instant camera world and who wants with few technicalities to obtain great shoots; practical and globetrotter, this camera is ideal to fit in a small luggage and can adapt to all conditions; lazy people, those who cannot (or do not) read the full manual instructions, don’t worry you will obtain great pics; kids that without pushing too many buttons can just obtain perfect picture in the auto mode.

Not recommended for photographers: experts, those who love to rebalance and manually control every single picture; reckless adventurers and thrill-seekers, those who love that imperfect shoot, this camera will be too perfect and boring for you; for vintage lovers, the SQ6 has a modern design and cannot remind you the original camera style.



by Giulia Franci