Lomo’Instant Square

Review Lomo'Instant Square

Semi-serious Review

We start today, with the review of the Lomo’Instant Square our series of semi-series reviews for instant cameras. Here is our review of Lomography’s Lomo’Instant Square.

How much of my precious savings should I put into this?: A lot!

Prices vary a lot, from 200 to 260 euro for a new Lomo’Instant Square, depending on the availability of limited editions (typically they are cheaper than the standard models). For instant cameras’ lovers: always keep an eye on fundraising websites! Many tempting offers may appear, particularly in the first 24h of the campaigns.

Will I be able to cope with it?: Probably not…


It is a “difficult” camera, great for artistic shoots, but you should know her very well to realize good photos. Even the “Auto” mode does not have a great color balance. If you want a camera to be used one month per year, maybe you should look at something else. If, instead, you want a travel companion very shy at the beginning but ready to be discovered day after day maybe Lomo’Instant Square is the right choice for you! Be ready to “lose” some time on her, as well as some film…but, when you will have gotten to know her well, she will not betray you.

Will I pick up many people with this?: So many!

The Lomo’Instant Square has some vintage characteristics which make her somehow hipster and very captivating. With this camera you will be stopped everywhere by people who have never seen it before and will ask you many questions. The central part in rubber (which comes out only after opening it) reminds us of the very first stereoscopic cameras. Success and fame among the crowd are super easy with this camera!


How many crazy things will I be able to do with it? Many more than what you think!

With the Lomo’Instant Square will never bore you. First of all she offers a full set of colored filters which will make your shoots unique and super interesting over and over again.

Secondly, Lomo invented a multi-purpose camera door (which you can buy separately from the camera itself in an accessory kit for around 50 euro), which enables the camera to use both Instax Mini and Square (from Fuji). That’s it! You can use all the fantasy frame that Instax Mini offers: from Minions to Alice in Wonderland, from party style to rainbow colors.

Finally, this camera has a self-timer button which will allow you to run, jump in the middle of all your friends and be in the picture with them Lomo’Instant Square also offers a remote control which will  allow you to do exactly the same thing but without running… really really recommended for the lazy ones among you!!

Did you like our review of the Lomo’Instant Square? If you still think that this is not the right camera for you, please check out our review of other models here.

To summarize:

Recommended for photographers: reckless adventurers and thrill-seekers, those who have no idea how the photo will appear and are prepared for everything; ironic jokers, those who “why should I get a perfect picture? I want a wild one!!”; patient and determined ones, those who “today the picture is not great, neither it was yesterday, but tomorrow is a new day and I will try again”; lazy ones, those who “why should I run to be in the picture when I can take it directly from my sofa?”; all-in-one, those who “I want one and only camera with all possible features in it”.

Not recommended for photographers: perfectionist human calculators, those who “if the photo is not perfect I am throwing it away”; beginners, if you start your instant adventure with this camera it may be the first and last one you take; easy peasy, those who “I don’t want to read all instructions, I just want to click and see a perfect picture appearing”; kids, there are too many buttons on it, they may reach a no-return point.



by Giulia Valacchi