Tips for an Extraordinary Palio

1. Prepare the most fashionable open shoes to watch the rehearsal
Open shoes can be super trendy! But be aware that this time you may risk the amputation of some fingers due to the cold…the choice is yours! But who knows, there still could be an Indian summer … 2.  Wait for after the rehearsal to have breakfast in Contrada
  One of the best traditions during Palio’s days is to go and have breakfast after the morning rehearsals. Nevertheless, in this case we strongly suggest, to those with a delicate stomach to eat something before. The breakfast may actually turn into a brunch and you risk a drop in your glycemic levels! 3.  Wait to enter in Piazza for Palio untill 6 p.m.  
A true Sienese enter at the very end! Be careful now to set the clocks on the time of the updated schedule. Otherwise you may risk being not the last, but the first…of the next year Palio! 4. Wait in Duomo the arrival of the winning Contrada
It is so nice to wait in Duomo the arrival of the winning Contrada! To not watch the race but to wait there for the surprise! But be careful this time: you may wait forever… 5. Cry if your Contrada doesn’t win because… “we have to wait another year for the next Palio!!”
  Don’t worry! Next Palio may arrive sooner that you think ☺  

by Giulia Valacchi