Polaguide® - Polaroad

The POLAGUIDE® is a  POLAROAD® patented invention!

It is a totally different guidebook! It doesn’t just pinpoint historical periods and events, but it tells anecdotes and unique stories of Siena. It brings you in a more private dimension as an old friend (and not just a book) would bring you around the city. 

All POLAGUIDE® have been written by us, Sienese girls!  

And there is more: for each place visited you find a dedicated space to stick the best instant photo taken there. 

The POLAGUIDE® is two objects in one:

1 – Guidebook 

2 – Photo Album 

You have to always keep it with you: either during the visit while you are exploring Siena or at the end of the tour to look again and again at the best memories of your trip! 

There is not just one POLAGUIDE®, but you can find as many as our suggested routes to explore Siena! Each POLAGUIDE® has a kid alternative (discover all kids POLAGUIDE® here )! Here are the routes currently available in Siena (** our team is working day and night to update the available routes and plan new itineraries)