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How intimidating is it to navigate through a new city for the first time? Do you wish you knew some locals that could give you some local tips to better explore the place? POLAROAD is here for you! With a team of people that were born in Siena and know every little corner of it we have created a wide range of POLATOURS, self-guided tours which will make you grasp the real essence of this middle-aged city. You will learn not only the historical details, but, most importantly, all the stories which have been passed down from generation to generation within Sienese families. These tours may also be enriched by the rental of instant cameras which will make your experience unique and unforgettable, leaving you the most precious souvenir, the POLAGUIDE. The guidebook, which guides you around in the city, will become an album where you can store all the memories of your trip!


Self-guided tours allowing you to take your personal time in exploring the city. No time frame imposed, no guide to follow.


A team of experts which was born in Siena and knows the city better than anybody else wrote down all the secrets that they knew about the city and they are ready to share it with you!


Who said that exploring a city is boring for kids? With us the tour becomes a game to play with all your family!


Welcome back to a world made of films, where pictures may be imperfect, not well balanced, but for sure unique and irreplaceable!


Photo Exhibition of Bruno Coccoluto from August 10 to at Polaroad

For the opening of the exhibition the artist will present his work. A light refreshment will be offered. Click here for more information about the event.

Easter Break in Siena

What to do for the long Easter break in Italy? What are you waiting for? Come to Siena!! Siena Cathedral Spring is here and the city is coming back to

POLAROAD® : a New Experience to Try in Siena

Choose POLAROAD® to live a unique experience in Siena Are you looking for a unique experience to discover Siena and have fun at the same time? Do you want to


The day is here! Finallly our Fundraising Campaign is open! You can find exclusively our POLAROAD products and have them shipped directly at your place. Your contribution will also help us

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Christmas in Contrada

Christmas in Contrada

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Siena News talks about us

Siena News wrote an article about the Polaroad project focusing on our challenge to promote slow tourism in Siena. Read the article here. 

Siena Cathedral

The 6 Extraordinary Churches

The Palio of Siena is already quite an extraordinary event, but when it is decided that there will be a third race in one year (in addition to the typical

Tips for an Extraordinary Palio

1. Prepare the most fashionable open shoes to watch the rehearsal Open shoes can be super trendy! But be aware that this time you may risk the amputation of some

Thanks Can..Assta !!

A lazy end-of-the-summer Sunday with the sun shining and no clouds! An ideal last day at the beach before autumn…. But no! Wait! Don’t leave! Stay to rediscover a beautiful

Article in La Repubblica

Read Giulia’s letter on the blog of Concita  the experience of living many years abroad and on the willingness to go back to her hometown, Siena. This letter, written more

Interview with Radio Siena TV

One of Polaroad’s founder, Giulia V., was interviewed by Sienese broadcasting station Radio Siena TV about her choice to leave Switzerland and come back to Siena to start the Polaroad

Article of Radio Deejay

Read the follow-up article on the Polaroad Project of the National Italian broadcaster: Radio Deejay. Read the full article here